What Kind of Liquor Do Actors Love to Drink?

Actors do love their alcohol, whether on screen or in real life. It just seems to be a natural habit. Maybe they love it because it helps them unwind after long hours or filming or being on the set. On screen, though, it’s a staple in most scenes, mostly filmed in bars, hotels, or inside the home with several bottles of expensive wines and spirits.

For more upscale movies, you’ll find the actors nursing a glass of whisky or in the case of James Bond – a martini that has been shaken not stirred. Whisky is a high-end liquor particularly because of the ageing process required to make it taste even better and smoother.  Like most alcoholic drinks, it is also fermented and aged – the longer it ages, the better it’s supposed to taste.

In the UK, the Irish and the Scots have been battling for the title of the best whisky in the world. However, the Japanese are not far behind. There are different kinds of whisky too, blended and single malt. Other countries like the U.S. also produce whisky but have strict regulations do keep them from calling the product as that.

As far as actors go, there is a long-standing debate on the best ways to drink whisky. There are those who prefer it neat, which basically means straight out of the bottle or decanter and onto a glass, or dirty, which means it has been mixed with ice. There are others who also mix whisky with cola or other ingredients, but purists seriously frown on that practice.

When actors drink on the set or while filming, they are not expected to drink the entire glass or consume real alcohol. Sometimes, a beverage of similar colour or consistency is placed as a prop so the actor does not have to drink several times.  Remember that scenes need to be shot at various angles, and several takes is more than enough to get an actor drunk and already slurring his lines.

Nevertheless, after the long shooting day is over, these actors and crew do find a shot or two of whisky as a great way to unwind.

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