What are the Hobbies of Comedians?

What are the Hobbies of ComediansYou might love to read books or play games as your hobby. However, did you ever wonder what the hobbies of a comedian are? Comedians are extremely creative people and need their creative juices flowing in order to write material for themselves.

It is not a job that they can perform by rote. Most of the times, they get inspired for their jokes by observing human traits and characteristics of common people. And this is why they need to meet with more people – a reason most comedians love to travel.

But is traveling the only answer?

How would you feel if you had to travel all day long? While travel does enrich you as a person, it is only when you’re alone that you can make sense out of things. Comedians too need to shut off at times and during the times they unwind, they pursue a hobby of some kind. Jay Leno is an avid car collector and Jerry Seinfeld is known to collect Porsches but not all comedians have these fancy hobbies.


Some comedians take up to playing instruments or to music as their hobby. The logic is simple. It is interesting at times to use music or song or an instrument to carry the joke in such a way that it enhances it’s appeal and entertainment. Music involves timing as well as a build up of emotions and a pay off as well. Therefore, comedians do well with music or playing of instruments as their hobby.

Music and instrument playing teaches them never to stop practicing and that perfection is unattainable. It gives them a wider variety of skills and their value as a comedian increases. It also helps them with an outlet for their creative talent.

Learning an instrument teaches comedians to develop good listening skills and with experimentation. It also helps them with overcoming repeated failures, in helping with self discipline and in collaborating with others.

Playing a musical instrument helps them to develop theoretical concepts and develops improvisation skills and good presentation skills too. It helps them to get a new perspective and overcome fear of failure.

How does Gardening Help?

The other hobby many comedians like is gardening. Tending to gardening has a charm of its own. It helps them to build and rejuvenate themselves and build themselves back again and it gives them something good to feel about themselves.

If they’re struggling to meet deadlines or are unable to think of funny routines, tending to gardens help them to completely relieve their stress and concentrate an lose themselves in the beauty of nature. The sound of birds and the liveliness of nature helps them stimulate their creativity. It helps them gather new thoughts and develop a new insight on their work.

Gardening also helps them to experiment. Whether it being tending to flower beds or mowing with their riding lawnmower, it helps them ease their stress and feel the beauty of nature. In many ways tending to gardens can help them to enrich their perspective, learn something new and challenge themselves by seeing the world through a different pair of eyes.

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