Review of Mark Thomas Book: 100 Acts of Minor Dissent

markthomas1446050311-x0y8x630y332-625x352r100Mark Thomas is a journalist and comedian. He had been campaigning for more than thirty years. Mark Thomas remained agitated and relevant while others capitulated and mellowed. He has recently written and published a book named ‘One Hundred Acts of Minor Dissent’. It is a brilliant and funny book. It is said to be a wonderful adventurous book covering from successful campaigns in contrast to multinationals to disputes against park planners. It includes crafts and arts with porn mags and improving the wages of cinema workers. It is rich with graphics and photos. It is said to be dangerously inspirational.

The book was published in the United Kingdom. It contains one hundred and ninety two pages. It is published by the September Publishing company. It was published on 19/06/2015.

It is well known that Mark Thomas is experienced in creative mayhem art. He has faced several issues and troubles during the recent years. He tried to change certain laws, disturbed who deserved and cost companies millions. He has returned in an avatar where he can remain the best that is mischief, happily bad behavior but with an intention.

Bravo Figaro is the award winning show of Mark Thomas. He has set a standard and created one hundred acts of minor dissent within one year time. In his book, he has described everything that includes silliest and smallest gesture to the large confrontations. As a result, the book is occasionally inspiring, mainly legal, hilarious and subversive.

The three best protests of Mark Thomas included in the book are John Lewis declining to pay cleaners the accurate Living wage and protesting Apple and Google’s tax practices. If you have not heard about his book, then you have to purchase and know what he is trying to tell. It is truly worth to read and think.

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