Personal Life Of Mark Thomas

markrtytyIn the past two decades, Mark Thomas has earned great name and fame as a famous comedian. His wonderful trick of combining his political views with comedy gave him a separate identification as a comedian. His unique sense of humour is loved by everyone. He is a diverse artist who regularly uses opera, theatre and comedy in his shows. He uses them to raise political awareness in the minds of general public. He has already established a reputation of a headstrong individual. After a number of clashes from several politicians, there is no doubt about that fact. One can call him a political activist also.
He worked for the Labour movement after the miner’s strike. He engages himself in investigative journalism to latch his cynical political observations. Though he is taken more as a trouble making comedian, his earnestness has made him adorable. He was born to a midwife mother. His father was a builder in the South London. Till the year 1974, he studied in Macaulay Church Of England Primary School. Later, he studied at Christ’s Hospital School, where his O level and A level were completed. Subsequently, he enrolled at the Bretton Hall College in 1981 and received a degree in Theatre Arts.
There are millions of viewers of his TV show. He engages people in human rights campaign through his shows. Activism is his other side of work. He seems very interested in making things right. He continues to win hearts all over the world. The best incident was when one law got changed in the UK after his interview about evasion of taxes for properties that were inherited. This is surprising, but indeed it is true. He is not like other comedians. His comedy has a purpose. He always tries to point out something worthy of our society.

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