What are the Hobbies of Comedians?

What are the Hobbies of ComediansYou might love to read books or play games as your hobby. However, did you ever wonder what the hobbies of a comedian are? Comedians are extremely creative people and need their creative juices flowing in order to write material for themselves.

It is not a job that they can perform by rote. Most of the times, they get inspired for their jokes by observing human traits and characteristics of common people. And this is why they need to meet with more people – a reason most comedians love to travel.

But is traveling the only answer?

How would you feel if you had to travel all day long? While travel does enrich you as a person, it is only when you’re alone that you can make sense out of things. Comedians too need to shut off at times and during the times they unwind, they pursue a hobby of some kind. Jay Leno is an avid car collector and Jerry Seinfeld is known to collect Porsches but not all comedians have these fancy hobbies.


Some comedians take up to playing instruments or to music as their hobby. The logic is simple. It is interesting at times to use music or song or an instrument to carry the joke in such a way that it enhances it’s appeal and entertainment. Music involves timing as well as a build up of emotions and a pay off as well. Therefore, comedians do well with music or playing of instruments as their hobby.

Music and instrument playing teaches them never to stop practicing and that perfection is unattainable. It gives them a wider variety of skills and their value as a comedian increases. It also helps them with an outlet for their creative talent.

Learning an instrument teaches comedians to develop good listening skills and with experimentation. It also helps them with overcoming repeated failures, in helping with self discipline and in collaborating with others.

Playing a musical instrument helps them to develop theoretical concepts and develops improvisation skills and good presentation skills too. It helps them to get a new perspective and overcome fear of failure.

How does Gardening Help?

The other hobby many comedians like is gardening. Tending to gardening has a charm of its own. It helps them to build and rejuvenate themselves and build themselves back again and it gives them something good to feel about themselves.

If they’re struggling to meet deadlines or are unable to think of funny routines, tending to gardens help them to completely relieve their stress and concentrate an lose themselves in the beauty of nature. The sound of birds and the liveliness of nature helps them stimulate their creativity. It helps them gather new thoughts and develop a new insight on their work.

Gardening also helps them to experiment. Whether it being tending to flower beds or mowing with their riding lawnmower, it helps them ease their stress and feel the beauty of nature. In many ways tending to gardens can help them to enrich their perspective, learn something new and challenge themselves by seeing the world through a different pair of eyes.

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How To Bring Out Your Playful Side As An Adult

You know it is inevitable. As we get older and grow out of adolescence, we lose a part of that amazing quality we had as kids. While some people hate playing and want to be taken seriously all the time, others have discovered just how beneficial it can be to play as an adult. From finding ways to creatively express themselves and have fun, playing can make an everyday experience far more rewarding. Let’s take a moment to look at the importance of play for adults. After that, we will look at why you should consider getting a trampoline. A great way to play, a trampoline may be just what you need to access the inner kid inside you. With that out of the way, let’s begin!

Why Play Is So Important

As children, play is the primary way that we learn. It helps us practice for the real world, recreating experiences and events that help us to better navigate the world around us when we grow older. It helps introduce us to new things we may not have previously considered, and it helps to expand our imagination beyond where it may currently be. Thinking creatively, experiencing joy, and having a good time are all important reasons why play is so important. In addition to these reasons, you should understand that just because you grow older, play doesn’t become any less helpful. The skills we developed as children to use play as an informative and fun way to stay physically and emotionally healthy still exists within each and every one of us. So, stop taking yourself so seriously, let your guard down, and experience everything life has to offer. Work on your ability to play by getting a trampoline.

Consider Purchasing A Trampoline

Trampolines come in several different shapes and sizes. There are portable single use models that can be found across the UK. They are relatively inexpensive, can fit within your flat or home, and can be used with relatively little preparation. In addition to these smaller models, you can purchase larger sizes that are several feet off the ground and include a diameter of around 10 to 15 feet. These trampolines may require more room, but they allow you to get higher off the ground, performing more tricks and generally having a better time as well. Prepare to pay more for these models.

Why Get A Trampoline?

1.It’s Fun!

Ok, so trampolines take up room, are relatively easy to find, and cost a quid. Why should I buy one? Simply put, it is an incredibly easy way for just about everyone to have fun. The moment you start jumping, you experience a feeling and sensation that many people harken back to childhood. The activity becomes all about you moving your body, experiencing and playing around with all the different things you can do. If nothing else, it is incredibly fun.

2. Great For The Entire Family

Want to have fun along with the rest of your family? If so, then consider getting a larger trampoline. A large trampoline in your yard can accommodate multiple people at the same time. You can take turns, watch each other bounce around, and all have a great time together.

3. Excellent Way To Exercise

When combined with music, a trampoline can become an excellent way for you to exercise and stay fit. With workouts lasting between 30 minutes to an hour, figuring out a routine and then sticking to it can result in both having fun and staying fit. So, consider getting a trampoline today and let yourself relax and play a little. You won’t regret it!

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The Serious Business of Being Funny

The Serious Business of Being Funny

Clearly, the gift of being funny is the biggest requirement for a career in comedy but being funny all the time is not easy. Although it may not occur to us as we watch our favourite funny men and women perform on stage or film, outside of their work (which can be hard going a lot of the time) comedians are flesh and blood like the rest of us and subject to the same stresses and strains of everyday life.

Comedic history is littered with sad tales of stars who were manic depressives (Spike Milligan), had serious drink or drug problems (W.C. Fields and Lenny Bruce) or committed suicide due to a combination of the above such as Robin Williams. Being funny is big business but also a serious business and comedians, probably more than any other entertainer, need to look after both their physical and mental well-being and fitness.

Survival of the Fittest

From the outside looking in, the life of a comedian may look simple and sedentary, and in truth it can be, but a lot of hard work and preparation often goes into a short stand-up routine or brief appearance on stage or on film. The days of tubby little comedians or fat jolly characters are pretty much over and the new breed of comedian is now streamlined and active and bursting with zest and exuberance. Top comedic stars such as Jim Carrey regularly exercise and work out in order to keep in shape and at the top of their game. They even have a gym at home that’s fully equipped various exercise equipment like rowing machines, treadmill, and weights.

Competition is fierce and only the strongest survive in the cut-throat world of comedy and any edge in fitness and health can only help. But it’s not just comedians who can benefit from a healthier lifestyle, it’s everybody. Without going overboard, simple healthy eating and a modest amount of exercise can bring about many improvements in everyday life.

Small Changes, Big Benefits

Recent American studies have shown that people who exercise for just seven hours a week are up to 40% less likely to die prematurely than those who are only physically active for less than half an hour a week. The risks of suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and heart disease are all reduced as are the chances of suffering many forms of cancer.

This is good news for everybody, but for people whose livelihood depends on remaining fit and active, such as comedians, it is hugely significant. Other major benefits in making some small lifestyle changes in exercise and diet include:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Stress
  • More energy
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Better creative thinking
  • Improved Memory

Anybody who maintains a reasonably healthy lifestyle will improve their quality of life but for working comedians, energy, the creative process and memory are critical components of their profession.

Straight Talking

To put it bluntly, being a comedian is not always a barrel of laughs and certainly not the easy life many think it to be. It is a hard, uncompromising profession and there are new pretenders to the King of Comedy crown appearing every day.

It’s time to take being funny seriously and look after not just your material but yourself. Natural talent is still the first requisite but being healthy, creative and energetic are not far behind.

Personal Life Of Mark Thomas

markrtytyIn the past two decades, Mark Thomas has earned great name and fame as a famous comedian. His wonderful trick of combining his political views with comedy gave him a separate identification as a comedian. His unique sense of humour is loved by everyone. He is a diverse artist who regularly uses opera, theatre and comedy in his shows. He uses them to raise political awareness in the minds of general public. He has already established a reputation of a headstrong individual. After a number of clashes from several politicians, there is no doubt about that fact. One can call him a political activist also.
He worked for the Labour movement after the miner’s strike. He engages himself in investigative journalism to latch his cynical political observations. Though he is taken more as a trouble making comedian, his earnestness has made him adorable. He was born to a midwife mother. His father was a builder in the South London. Till the year 1974, he studied in Macaulay Church Of England Primary School. Later, he studied at Christ’s Hospital School, where his O level and A level were completed. Subsequently, he enrolled at the Bretton Hall College in 1981 and received a degree in Theatre Arts.
There are millions of viewers of his TV show. He engages people in human rights campaign through his shows. Activism is his other side of work. He seems very interested in making things right. He continues to win hearts all over the world. The best incident was when one law got changed in the UK after his interview about evasion of taxes for properties that were inherited. This is surprising, but indeed it is true. He is not like other comedians. His comedy has a purpose. He always tries to point out something worthy of our society.

Career Of The Living Legend Mark Thomas

markthomas5Mark Thomas in a very known talented comedian. His amazing wit to combine politics with comedy is loved by almost everyone. Though there have been controversies, he has always stood out like a headstrong person. He had a sober schooling after which he moved on to pursue a degree in Theatre Arts. Initially, he started his career by supporting his father in his construction business. His career as a stand-up gig started in late 1985. He also used to write content for Dave Allen, an Irish comedian. He performed regular gigs for college students at the comedy store of Leicester Square. In the year 1990, the Cutting edge comedy show was bought up by him.
He co- hosted the show Loose talk. From 1995 to 1998, he regularly appeared in a show named Booked. This was a turning point in his career. He rose to great popularity and his very own TV talk show aired up. It was named “The Mark Thomas Comedy product”. It premiered on 23rd Feb, 1996. With a surreal and unique sense of humour, he often confronted politicians. Along with comedy, he highlighted many major issues and encouraged people to act towards it. His comedy was a way of putting light on many concerning topics. He contributed to columns of political magazines.

He wrote “Belching out the Devil”, which was a reveal about the Coca Cola company in the year 2008. His other publications included “Extreme rambling walking the wall”, “It’s the stupid economy” and “Bravo Figaro”. While his tour for “It’s the stupid economy”, he encouraged his audience to tell about their own thought on political policies. He has won many awards for his outstanding career achievements. In 1990, “Time out comedy award” was bagged by him. He is married to Jenny, who is a TV producer, and together they have two children.

More Interesting Information About Mark Thomas

markthoIt’s over thirty years now since Mark has been performing as a comedian. He has written five different books, and these received amazing responses from the readers. Not only this, he had his own show which aired for many years on television. He authored and organized two art exhibitions. He took the city police in court three times and has won two times. His show Mark Thomas Comedy Product had six series all aired on Channel 4. Apart from this, he also made three dispatches for the same channel. The Royal Opera House commissioned him to write one show for them too.
He has also contributed for Radio 4 by making five series of the Manifesto. He also holds a Guinness world record for holding 20 protests in just 24 hours. On two different occasions, he has produced evidence to the Parliamentary select committees. He walked for 724 km around the Israel wall in the West Bank. His participation once led to a change in the law in the UK. It was related to the tax avoidance. He has performed in ten different countries and four continents. He is known to have performed four shows in the National Theatre, which is a great prestige.
Based on the Iraq war, he has tried the government in the court. He has also worked for the New Statesman magazine as a columnist. For four years, he has written columns based on some or the other political issues. He is settled from the person life point of view as well. Wedded to Jenny, a TV producer, they also have two children. With a happy family life and career, Mark has proved to be a perfect living legend. There are amazing things to learn from him and his contribution to our society. With many awards to his name, he continues to be an activist for our society.

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