How Will Blockchain Change the Movie Business?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are taking the economy by storm. Traditional banking is slowly being replaced by the above-mentioned types of currency. Businesses are slowly adopting these currencies for better opportunities that will help their business grow quicker. The movie industry has started to use blockchain technology for transparency. Known for employing old-school transaction recording techniques which have been proven to have some cracks in the system that result in revenue losses, using blockchain in recording the transactions in one movie project can greatly improve the transparency of transactions within the organization. But what is blockchain really and how is it helping the movie industry change its practices in terms of finances?

Blockchain in a nutshell

Blockchain technology, in simple terms, is a digital ledger. This ledger is securely encrypted. The premise of this technology is that it is publicly available for viewing but not for copying. This allows for better transparency of economic transactions and just about anything that concerns a particular business. Now how does this apply to the movie industry? Let’s see.

The complexity of recording transactions

Let’s say, a movie project is being produced and shot in New York. The whole movie production consists of a hundred people or so: the producers, directors, the actors and actresses, crew and so on. The production is divided into several departments, and these departments have to report their transactions so that the budget for the movie is spent and audited correctly. Now if the some of these departments report erroneous transactions for a myriad of reasons, chances are the project will go over budget, which will not be favourable to the producers who will shell out the money.

Using blockchain

Now if these transactions are recorded on blockchain, the transactions involving money will be recorded by each department in one spreadsheet or database, where all concerned parties of the movie production will have access to. A blockchain spreadsheet will be created for that particular movie project before production commences so that every single transaction and any other information will be recorded and shared among the parties.

Prevention of corruption

Let’s admit it: any organization where there is money involved will be bound to experience corruption within the ranks whether we like it or not. And the movie industry is not spared. With the help of blockchain technology, producers – the ones who finance a movie project – will be able to reduce, if not totally eliminate, corruption within the project, thanks to the transparency of transactions and information.

With this technology taking off at a rapid speed, more and more production outfits in the movie and entertainment industry will make use of this technology to further help them in making their projects more economical and for the information to be shared within the parties involved seamlessly. It’s amazing how much technology has contributed to making just about anything a lot easier and more convenient. Let’s just hope that hacking geniuses will not find a way to create a crack in this system for selfish purposes.

What Kind of Liquor Do Actors Love to Drink?

Actors do love their alcohol, whether on screen or in real life. It just seems to be a natural habit. Maybe they love it because it helps them unwind after long hours or filming or being on the set. On screen, though, it’s a staple in most scenes, mostly filmed in bars, hotels, or inside the home with several bottles of expensive wines and spirits.

For more upscale movies, you’ll find the actors nursing a glass of whisky or in the case of James Bond – a martini that has been shaken not stirred. Whisky is a high-end liquor particularly because of the ageing process required to make it taste even better and smoother.  Like most alcoholic drinks, it is also fermented and aged – the longer it ages, the better it’s supposed to taste.

In the UK, the Irish and the Scots have been battling for the title of the best whisky in the world. However, the Japanese are not far behind. There are different kinds of whisky too, blended and single malt. Other countries like the U.S. also produce whisky but have strict regulations do keep them from calling the product as that.

As far as actors go, there is a long-standing debate on the best ways to drink whisky. There are those who prefer it neat, which basically means straight out of the bottle or decanter and onto a glass, or dirty, which means it has been mixed with ice. There are others who also mix whisky with cola or other ingredients, but purists seriously frown on that practice.

When actors drink on the set or while filming, they are not expected to drink the entire glass or consume real alcohol. Sometimes, a beverage of similar colour or consistency is placed as a prop so the actor does not have to drink several times.  Remember that scenes need to be shot at various angles, and several takes is more than enough to get an actor drunk and already slurring his lines.

Nevertheless, after the long shooting day is over, these actors and crew do find a shot or two of whisky as a great way to unwind.

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What is a Comedian’s Favourite Mode of Transport?

What is a Comedian’s Favourite Mode of TransportA comedian likes to be funny in order to amuse an audience and this means that he or she may choose a vehicle which is perceived as a lighthearted and comical ride. For example, comedians might ride unicycles for a circus effect which is bound to get a few chuckles or they might ride electric scooters which allow them to do fun moves and get close to an audience.

There’s no particular form of transportation which is favoured by comedians, as they are all different people with different comedic styles and ways of performing. Comedians have different tastes, just like everyone else does. For example, some comedians might ride Segways in order to get some laughs, while others will prefer scooters or unique cars. Younger comedians might use skateboards!

A lot of comedians may actually drive fancy cars once they’ve reached a certain level of success. Fancy cars are status symbols and they show the world that it’s possible to do well financially from comedy. However, other comedians may not care about impressing people with expensive rides.

Since many comedians don’t use vehicles in their acts, the vehicles that they choose don’t play a big role in their images. However, some comedians may incorporate electric scooters or other vehicles into skits.

For example, Canadian comedian Tom Green grew to fame by recording outrageous videos of himself riding a mobility scooter. He would crash into things and cause a ruckus in order to get laughs. Wild and rude comic, Andrew Dice Clay, was known for his penchant for the classic Ford Fairlane. This car matched his image and enhanced his image.

Naturally, we don’t recommend wreaking havoc on a mobility scooter, unless it’s a closed set and everyone knows what’s going to happen. You should always follow safety rules.

Electric Scooters are Pretty Affordable

Electric scooters are found at a range of UK retailers and they are typically not as expensive as motorcycles. They also don’t go as fast or have as much power as motorbikes. However, they still have enough oomph to get people from Point A to Point B.

Whether you’re a comedian or an average person who’s looking for a smart way to get around, you’ll find that electric scooters offer plenty of advantages. They are compact, so it’s easy to manoeuvre in traffic and they are also easy to park. So, you may benefit from shopping around for an electric scooter today.

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Club or Radio DJ: Is There a Difference?

Club or Radio DJ Is There a Difference

It would seem that disk jockeys, or DJs, are the real stars of the pop world today and the music they play is just incidental to their careers and part of their “repertoire”. The time seems to be past when a disk jockey merely introduced the latest hit records, spun the disk and moved on.

Today’s club DJs are the stars of the show to the extent that fans pay good money just to watch (and presumably listen) to the latest vinyl guru who is, apparently, bigger than Bowie, prettier than Pink and more fab than the Beatles, at least according to his own PR people. But is there such a big difference between the turntable jocks of yesteryear and the new generation of club DJs?

Yes and No

While the basic principles of being a deejay remain the same (you select a piece of music and play it) the practices are very, very different.

Radio DJ

For a radio deejay, his programme is usually preset and planned down to the last second. Time is of the essence to fit in the required adverts, news bulletins, traffic and weather reports etc etc etc. On air his job is to simply know which song is on next and press the right button but to also have the knowledge and experience to know what to do if something goes wrong.

Club DJ

Years ago a club DJ simply brought along his selection of music, a turntable or two and spun discs with a bit of small talk between the songs. Nowadays, the modern club DJ has become the show, and music is only secondary to the “experience” the deejay provides. He is an entertainer but also usually has some (perhaps limited) musical experience and a good grounding in sound engineering and mixing.

Requirements for a DJ


Neither a Radio nor Club DJ will last very long without a good personality. The most gifted deejay will soon fade from the public eye if he is egotistical, dogmatic or plain boring. While no one deejay, in either code, will always be everybody’s favourite, a good personality is a necessity in any presenter’s armoury.


The question of talent is a contentious issue. The listener’s, or viewer’s, personal taste will often decide the question of whether a particular deejay is talented or not but certain basic abilities are required to be successful both on air and on the club scene.


With so much competition around, and so many deejays competing for limited radio and club jobs, being different can be the deciding factor in whether a deejay works or starves.

Radio versus Club

Depending on which one you ask, a radio or club DJ will tell you that his particular profession is the most difficult and demanding but the truth is that they are almost entirely different animals.

Easy Listening

An amiable manner, pleasant personality and working knowledge on how to operate tools and equipment like DJ mixers will take you a long way as a radio DJ. Furthermore, it is a relatively sedentary lifestyle as the working hours are generally set and the job consists of sitting behind a microphone for a couple of hours a day.

Workman’s Club

Being a club DJ these days is pretty much a young man’s (or woman’s) world. A good knowledge of computers and electronic gadgetry is just the beginning. Long shifts of physical activity in extremely loud environments and often into the small hours of the morning is not the kind of lifestyle that would suit middle-aged disk jockeys.

But then again, most radio disk jockeys have served their time at the turntables back in the days when the Rolling Stones were mere pebbles and deserve their quieter lifestyle in the radio studios.

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Mark Thomas and his Recent Book

markMark Thomas is a famous comedian activist. In a recent interview, he had told that he is trying to remain polite. He has repeated the sentence several times. He began the interview by praising the Metropolitan Police since they seem to be dedicated to watching his depletion of cress. In the police files, there was a description in Parliament Square. It has been described this way. Mark Thomas had stopped. He has sufficient cress on the back of his cycle. Mark Thomas told that the powers of police and their observation methods should be appreciated. He added that even had cress on his bike.

He spoiled the speech by asking a simple question. He added whether it is suitable. He asked whether it was feasible to spend the money of taxpayers by observing the cress movement. It looked that Mark Thomas is prosecuting the Met for the surveillance. He commented as a joke saying that he had witnessed two legal victories against the force. Moreover, Met has spoken highly about Mark Thomas. In one file, the entry has remained as alleged comedian and general rabble rouser – Mark Thomas.

pg-36-mark-thomas--rexMark Thomas did not bother the description, and he has explained the nature in his latest book – One Hundred Acts of Minor Dissent.He has explored adventures during one year of protest. It has provided him ways like legally, politely – dissent. He adds that every reader will cut and preserve desk calendar – arsey cops.Mark Thomas told that as a republic, we remain highly differential. He told this pointing the Labour leadership candidate – Andy Burnham. Andy Burnham embarrassed and described himself in a note to Prince Charles. He has described himself as the most obedient and humble servant.

Mark Thomas mentioned that we have this attitude of mentioning that what we are not. He told that it was not a good way to express.In his book, Mark Thomas has suggested how to fight against low salary for cleaners, assisting bankers who wanted to leave the country and, the opportunity to enter as a volunteer.Mark Thomas told that not all people can be jailed, dissident for their beliefs. He added that everyone can do something, and everyone can create the Amnesty letter.

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